Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot….. MECHANICAL!

A few weeks ago the Pilot and I decided to plan a day to fly commercial and fly home the same day with 2 children! The purpose of this was that we would have experience flying with 2 and our daughter has been asking to go. We picked a day to go when my Pilot… Continue reading Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot….. MECHANICAL!

Are you shoulding on yourself?

A few years ago I hired someone to help me grow me for my business. In one of our conversations she reflected back to me when I said I "should" do something. She said "How does saying you 'should' ¬†something make you feel"? AHAH!!! Thats what I really wanted to say to her and then… Continue reading Are you shoulding on yourself?


After 8 years of not having children we were finally pregnant! OVER THE MOON! While I was pregnant I would make funny posts of the things that happen in pregnancy, things 90% of us go through! After I had my daughter I posted ¬†a blog to my social media account about what you never expect… Continue reading PREGNANCY Cont’d

I’m BACK…..

"I'm BAAACCCK...!" My toddler pronounces as she enters the house! I am so grateful for this blog and the amazing women I have met as a result. I feel so blessed! The last month has been chaotic to say the least! I had a Professional Goal to wrap, 3rd trimester of Pregnancy, a husband who… Continue reading I’m BACK…..

3rd Trimester Opinions..

Inside the head of a 9 1/2 month pregnant -2nd time mom..... 1. Let's clear this up... As we waddle around trying to the simple takes that use to come so easy - Asking us "When is this baby coming?" Does anyone ever know when their baby will arrive? Does the DUE date really matter… Continue reading 3rd Trimester Opinions..

Life Unscripted

Have you ever woken up feeling like something FEELS different? To the core different? And you walk around wondering what it is? Are you someone who usually pushes, achieves and works hard? If I could put into words what I would say about myself it would be those words! Achiever, Confident, Successful, loving, FUN, EXCITED!!!… Continue reading Life Unscripted

So few words…. So much meaning

  I am a firm believer that words of affirmation go along way! Telling someone specific things you appreciate in them. Have you had someone say genuine things about you, that mean something to you? Maybe words of affirmation are not your gift or love language. For me they are not my gift and they… Continue reading So few words…. So much meaning

You do you!

Somedays as women we as women, moms, careers, pilot wives, entrepreneurs and volunteers have so much to balance. Our view gets scewed. We forget our path, our vision, focus, or where we are personally growing. All of a sudden we are on social media or thinking about people we know and comparing our lives to… Continue reading You do you!